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    PagArtFestival was founded in 1999 and it has already become a tradition to have it opened by Lovro's recital. Lovro traces his origin to Pag, and the Festival originated out of his wish to help and dignify life of the town of Pag by meaningful companionship of quality through various projects. The town of Pag is a small renaissance town made of stone, a zoning unicum well known not only by the famous lace and cheese, but also by the tradition of cultural events. Pag has five churches, among which the Church of St. Francis is the Festival’s main stage with wonderful acoustics, as much as the beautiful St. Mary's Church in the Old Town of Pag. The Festival realises a high level diverse arts programme. Among the performers were Russian pianists Andrei Gavrilov and Konstantin Bogino, Eugen Indjic (France, SAD), opera star Dunja Vejzović (Croatia), guitarists Aniello Desiderio (Italy), Zoran Dukić (Croatia), Petrit Çeku (Kosovo/Croatia) and Krešimir Bedek (Croatia), lutenist Edin Karamazov (BiH/Croatia), Piano Trio Tchaikovsky (Russia-France-Great Britain), Brahms Trio Moscow, string quartets Shostakovich (Russia) and Fine Arts and Meridian (USA), Tartini Quartet (Slovenia), violinists Grigory Zhislin (Russia/ Germany), Stefan Milenkovich (Serbia/Italy), Nikita Borisoglebsky (Russia) and Ilja Grubert (Nederland), cellist Monika Leskovar (Croatia), Rodoevre Percussions Copenhagen, ZUM Quintet (GB), Cappella Istropolitana (Czech Republic), but also some young artists and numerous amateur ensembles from Pag itself. Among them, the Company which performs the traditional folk play Paška robinja (The Slave from Pag), a symbolic representation of the eternal desire of Croatian people for freedom and independence, deserves to be mentioned. Among the exhibitions were: Paška čipka (The Lace from Pag, Etnographic Museum Zagreb, produced by architect Nenad Fabijanić), Svitlošnji put (The Path of Light, photographs by Mio Vesović/MO), Briju(o)ni (photographs by Damir Fabijanić), acrylics by Dino Trtovac and gouache painting by the bard of Croatian visual arts, late Edo Murtić. In 2008, the Festival promoted monodrama The State of Nation by a great Croatian artist Filip Šovagović, who has shot a documentary film that summer of Lovro Pogorelić’s concert in St. Mary’s Church in the Old Town of Pag. The film called The Concert was shown in 2009 in the same place. Some concerts were held along with the reading of poetry, by Natalia Vorobjova Hržić (Russia/Croatia), Niels Hav (Denmark) and a famous Croatian poet Luko Paljetak.

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PagArtFestival® August 1st – August 17th 2024
Aug 1st
Lovro Pogorelich, klavir/piano
Solana/Saltworks Pag, Svilno
Aug 4th
Ksenia Milas, (Rusija/Italija; Russia/Italy), violina/violin Stari Grad Pag/Old Town of Pag
Aug 7th
Duodrama/The Two-Character Play, T. Williams
ŽabaTeatar; izvode/performing:
Ana Pogorelić, Luka Šatara, Katarina Ranković (Srbija/Serbia)
Stari Grad Pag, u slučaju kiše – Dom kulture Pag
Old Town of Pag, in case of rain – Culture House Pag
Aug 12th
Vlorent Xhafaj, (Albanija/Francuska; Albania/France), violončelo/cello
crkva Marijinog uznesenja / St Mary's Assumption Church, Pag
Brod/Boat Festini, u slučaju kiše – naredni dan/in case of rain – the next day
Aug 17th
PagArtFestival predstavlja mladu glazbenicu/PagArtFestival presents a young musician:
Neža Pogačar, (Slovenija/Slovenia), klavir/piano
Crkva sv. Frane/St. Francis' Church, Pag

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